The Mathews

The Mathews

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter's "Cold" Season

The "cold" season has hit our house hard this year. In the past two and a half months, not a day has gone by without someone having an ear infection, fever, hacking cough, pink eye, sinus infection, etc... you get the picture. Our vaporizer is working on overtime, and I'm pretty sure we should have invested in Tylenol, Claritin, & Nyquil stocks. I, for one, am hoping that Spring arrives soon!

March is also the start of many, many appointments for us. Robby's tonsils & adenoids have been scheduled to be taken out at the end of the month. He also has appointments w/ the Sleep Clinic & doctor (only 8 days until my baby turns 3 - wow!). While toliet training has definitely taken a back-seat lately, he asked about going to "playschool" - got to love Calliou. I told him they only allow kids who are toliet trained go - I think I'll be playing that video often now :)

Andy just had his 6 month check-up. He's 75% for height, 50% for weight, & 90% for head (this is up a bit from their other measurements, but I figure we can only compare the neuro's numbers for consistency sake). His pediatrician is extremely pleased that he can sit unassisted, and that he can pull himself to a crawl position. Future appointments include: urologist (w/ kidney ultrasound), neurologist, Mary Free Bed Clinic, Mary Free Bed physical therapist, ENT (he just finished double ear infection again - may be heading towards tubes), and weekly PT appointments.

Tom's yearly snowmobile trip was canceled due to him getting the flu. He had/has severe sinus infection & had to have a CT scan done today. The headaches are becoming increasingly worse & his doctor was hoping the infection did not travel into the brain. We're thinking on the positive side here & hoping for the best.

So yes, I'm hoping for spring. Warmer weather, less colds, hopefully more sleep, and a brighter outlook. We'll keep you posted on the outcomes of the appointments. Cute pictures to come - for some reason they wouldn't load tonight.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making Progress

Thanks to Andy's weekly physical therapy and our daily work with him, he has made great progress during the last couple of weeks. Here's his photo update for 5 1/2 months. It will be interesting to see/hear what his doctors think in March.
Andy can now sit up by himself for short periods of time... then he either flattens into a yoga position or falls over until someone rescues him.

Andy is capable of rolling over in both directions, but he doesn't like to. His stubborness shows through when he fights you by resisting the entire time to roll. Here he's pushing up for a better view. Instead, he has opted for scooting backwards or performing 360 turns on his belly.
Lately he has amazed us as he pulls his legs up beneath him (indicating that his hamstrings have ability)! This gives us great hope for crawling!