The Mathews

The Mathews

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opening Day - Turkey Season

For most hunting families, the term "Opening Day" tends to refer to the man-made holiday of deer opening season in the fall. In our family, however, it also refers to the famous spring sensation of Turkey Season. Having grown up in a hunting family, it still amazes me how many hours and how much money is spent on sitting in the cold waiting for an animal to read your mind, but it is one of those things that you just get used to. This week I could have taken all bets on getting the first bird. Monday afternoon we were on yet another trip to the pediatrician's office only to discover yet another virus for the season. Andy had not eaten solids in four days and was throwing up his entire bottle (usually all over me). On our way there I had just passed the East Beltline and Lowel exits. Spotting the ugly bird (seriously, they are not pretty), I slowed down but was happy to see it moving rapidly across the 3 lanes of traffic. Realizing that the pickup truck beside me was going to take it out, the bird turned around and ran smack into my car. Turkey feathers went everywhere. Tom's response: "Did you stop and get it? Was it male or female?" How long was the beard?" So yes, season wasn't technically open, but I took the winning "hit" this year.

Optimistic - that's the best way we can describe this week's appointments. Having started out on a low note w/ Andy's virus, I was glad to hear that his tubes look great from his ENT. We don't have to go back there until December! On Friday we had Andy's Mary Free Bed Clinic appointment. The physical therapist was more than pleased with his progress. He is exactly on schedule with where he should be. We have to continue to work on strengthening his core so that his back muscles do not become strained when he sits & leans. She has also agreed to continue his therapy during the summer when Early On switches to once a month instead of weekly. Andy's hips look great, but the doctor wants to ensure that he is not missing anything, so we have to go back in 3 months for an X-ray to ensure that they will be able to hold his weight before he begins pulling to a stand. At that appointment he may also be looked at for braces. Up to now we have been blessed that he hasn't had to wear any. Once Andy begins pulling up and hopefully standing on his own, he will need help supporting his weight since his calves are his weakest area at this point. The doctor does think that Andy will be able to walk without them as he gets older! What great news to hear!

Our sleepless nights have been at an all time high this past week as I pray for the day when I might gain more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. With the cancellation of Robby's surgery, his nigh time interruptions have increased to 5 or 6 each night. Andy's inability to breath hasn't helped, so I'm definitely walking around in a daze these days. We hope to hear positive news this week at the cardiologist so that the surgery can be scheduled. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers; God has done amazing things for us!