The Mathews

The Mathews

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping Busy

Looking at life through the innocent eyes of a child (and then slamming the door shut when he doesn't like what he sees).

"Look mom, I found a catepiller!"

Robby tries out his new "tower" that Uncle Dan made him so that he can help in the kitchen w/out scaling the cupboards. Nice face huh? This is when he promptly told me to put the camera down so that we could move on to important things... chocolate cake.

Another outdoor lover! It sure will be hard to keep these two inside this summer; it better be nice weather that's for sure.

Andy's first turkey pose. Technically, Tom won the largest turkey bet, but I think my story was more exciting.

Other updates:

Andy & Robby continue to battle w/ sinus infection. Andy's PT had a vision person come out to the house due to his head movement that we refer to as the "Stevie Wonder". They have recommended he see an eye doctor (late Aug. is the first available appointment). He continues to crawl backwards and is working on moving forwards. Lately he has started to pull up to the fireplace as well! Hoping we can get him healthy soon so that maybe he will return to sleeping through the night.

We took Robby in to see a new ENT after the old one's cancelation of his tonsil surgery. Sometimes I just want to shake my head at how crazy things seem. While he basically agreed w/ everything the other ENT said, he also informed us that Robby was supposed to have a MRI done (to rule out brain tumors and other nuero. issues) and he will need to spend the night at the hospital. Both of these were written in the sleep study report but we were never informed about (more than 1 year ago). Seriously, how is it that doctors do not tell you what the paperwork says. So now we wait... we have to see if it is possible for both proceedures to be done on the same day. Ironically, the new ENT also stated that with the opening of the new children's hospital, they actually receive less time to perform surgeries due to conflicts in scheduling, so if we choose to go with this new ENT then we will have to wait until June before anything can happen. Did I mention that sleep consists of less than five hours of sleep a night interrupted by at least 6 episodes between the boys? I can't win.