The Mathews

The Mathews

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sleep Talker Becomes Sleep Walker

Sleep issues are very common in our family. Both grandpas have sleep apnea, and I suffer from hyper insomnia (the ability to literally fall asleep in under 30 seconds). Unfortunately, Robby didn't inherit the exact same type of sleep issues as me. As many of you already know, we suffered through his first year of living with little sleep. Shrugging this off, we thought the 2nd year would be better. After two years of having less than 10 nights of total sleep, we were finally granted a sleep study at DeVos. True, I had to talk my way into an earlier appointment, but none the less, we found out that Robby had a heart murmur, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. This week we may have added to the list.

Thursday night I awoke to weird sounds at 3:30am. This was about the 3rd time I was up that night, so I simply rolled over (Robby refuses to sleep in his own room not to mention a bed of any type) to check on him. Instantly I became alarmed when he wasn't there! After scanning the bedroom to see if he rolled to another spot (which often happens), panic sunk in. Robby is terribly afraid of the dark as well, and only a little night light in our room shone through the pitch, black house. Calling out to him while trying to not wake Andy, I was quickly rewarded with a 2 1/2 year old walking back up the stairs w/ tools and paperwork in his hands. When asked what he was doing, he simply said, "I was seeing if Grammie was here yet, so I got my tools ready to help her." Five seconds later he was fast asleep. Me on the other hand, couldn't calm my brain back down. Yes, this was our first case of sleep walking. While he's done sleep talking, I've a new appreciation for dead-bolt locks.

This week has brought on yet another virus as well. I've pretty much decided that sleep will always be over-rated. Robby and I took shots of Tylenol last night and throughout today as we battled his 103.9 degree fever. Feeling bad, I let him take a nap this afternoon since he truly didn't feel good. Now I'm in for the long haul as he makes it to probably around 11:30 before he'll fall asleep. And where is Tom during all of this you might ask... usually fast asleep, but tonight celebrating with a long time grade school friend at his bachelor party. For some reason I don't foresee sleeping in in my future as well. To all of you who enjoy your seven, eight, or even more hours of sleep each night, remember how lucky you are!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Baby w/ a Scar

Sick of being sick... that about says it all for this household. The boys and I started out the new year (mainly the entire 2 weeks of winter break) sick w/ a virus. Andy had double ear infection, and Robby quickly followed w/ an ear infection as well. Tom joined the happy crew on Christmas Eve & we finally all made a recovery just in time for us to go back to work on Jan. 3rd. Low and behold, that didn't last long. Once again the boys and I came down w/ a new virus a week later & the sinus pressure, endless coughing attacks throughout the night, and yet again another ear infection for Andy appeared. Needless to say it is 18 days into the new year, and I am sick of being sick and having sick children. The pediatrician said if Andy has one more ear infection we are headed to the ENT - I feel tubes will be in our near future.

Today Andy had his monthly head ultrasound and neuro. appointment. I saw the new children's hospital as well - it's beautiful! We are so lucky to be so close to an awesome facility! Andy's ultrasound looked great. His head size has grown, but when considering he has also put on some weight (now 16.5 lbs), it was still within his growth curve. The neuro. doctor said he looked great; he calls him the "baby w/ a scar" because at this point that is the only sign of SB that is visible. True, this may change once we witness how much Andy will be able to do w/ his legs.

New tricks... Andy has decided his toes are a tasty treat :). While this may not seems monumental to most parents, the fact that Andy can actually raise his legs to his mouth is huge! He now rolls over in both directions (although this has slowed a bit), pushes himself 360 degrees around on the floor, and loves to sit up. He can maintain head control & body control by holding onto one of our fingers. The PT hopes he will be able to sit upright by himself by 6 months; we're on the right track. Best of all, he has the most beautiful eyes, eye lashes, and smile that will melt hearts in a minute.

Robby has also been a great big brother. He too has joined in the spirit of making Andy one of the family as he eagerly awaits until Andy will be able to rough-house with him. In fact, he has already begun his lessons. The other day Robby wanted to help Andy w/ his therapy (yes, he actually calls it physical therapy - his vocabulary continues to amaze us). He quickly pulled off Andy's socks and said it was time to do joint compressions. He grabbed his feet and started pushing on them until we could grab him. His response - "What? I was just helping." Later Robby decided to help Andy practice his rolling, so he grabbed his body and whipped him over onto his belly. Yes, Andy will grow up to be strong and hold his own. We eagerly await the day that he will be able to fight back. Is that wrong to say? Nope - not in this house. He'll definitely learn how to hold his own :)