The Mathews

The Mathews

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hopefully NOT a Sequel!

I knew I was about to jinx it when I said Andy slept through the night. It came and went so quickly it might as well have been a blink, but it really wasn't his fault though. All three boys, including Tom, were sick this past week. This left me to take care of each of them - not exactly a highpoint! Anyway, we broke the swing back in after Robby's endless nights of trying to get him to sleep by placing Andy in it. After a week of congestion, green-snotty nose, and throwing his bottle back up right after drinking it - the answer was clear - Andy has his 1st ear infection:( I so hope we are not re-living history here. Robby had ear-infections terribly for a year before they finally put tubes in. I don't want Andy to have either (the infections nor the tubes). Amoxicillin once again holds a sacred spot in our refridgerator. Hopefully he feels better soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Sleep-full Night

Last night marked the first night that Andy slept through the entire night!!! Some of you might not understand how great this is, but Robby has only slept through the entire night about 10 times since he was born, so we were estatic when it happened! Let's hope it continues on.

Fall has brought many activities for our family. Here is a picture of Robby and his buddy, Nolan, becoming "Future Farmers" on our hayride.
Tom and I took Robby and Andy on their first train ride - The Coopersville / Marne Pumpkin Train. Both boys had a great time.

Fall also brings beautiful leaves - a whole lot of them! Trees are great for shade and beauty, but Robby likes them best when they produce a huge pile for him to jump in.

This week also marked the start of the dreaded "shots". I'm happy to report that Andy felt his first vaccine shots at his 2 month check-up. It's a little odd to think that one should be happy he feels pain, but we are! Robby, also had his share of tears w/ his flu shot. Oh the joy of walking out of the doctor's office w/ crying children; at least Robby's watermellon sucker helped!

Images of Robby's & Andy's Brotherly Love:
* Robby decided to wash Andy's bottles in the sink. When I discovered that he had crawled on top of the counter & added soap to a near overflowing sink of water, I could only laugh at the sight of every bottle surrounded in foam.
* Jealous of Andy's need for attention at feeding time, Robby has tried to learn the art of spitting. Thank goodness he can't figure it out yet, so the end result is he kisses Andy unhappily.
* Convinced that every person needs a set of tools, Robby laid out a set on Andy's swing for him to play with.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Future Fire Fighter

Robby absolutely loved the Open House at the Fire Station earlier this week! Fire trucks, tools, and a chance to hold the hose - what a treat! I really wanted to warn everyone while he was holding the hose. Usually he turns and starts spraying everyone who is nearby :)
Look at me :) What a cutie! Who knows, he may be a future fire fighter if building John Deere tractors doesn't work out!
Onto other news... Robby's sleeping is varying. At this point we tried eliminating his nap during the day in hopes he would go to bed earlier. While this has worked (yeah!), it has not gotten rid of him thrashing around nor talking/crying/waking up in the night. The battle continues. Right now I am hoping that we figure this out before I go back to work. And yes, Andy does sleep longer and better than Robby :)
Andy had another head ultrasound today. The neurologist said his head size was in the 75% still (good), but his ventricles (used for draining fluid) have enlarged a little. This could mean that fluid might be building up or not draining correctly. If they increase too much, Andy might need a shunt to help drain the fluid. At this point, the doctor wants to just monitor them, so we will go back in another month. I figure they can't be too bad since we don't have to see him sooner. Some days Andy's head is soft (the soft spot is indented like babies are supposed to have), so we don't think there is too much pressure being put on the brain. Really we're just playing the waiting game and hoping/praying for the best.