The Mathews

The Mathews

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…literally. This past month I have been reminded how quickly time flies by, and my boys have embraced it head on.  Fall is truly a busy season for our family. School starting, cross country season (3rd place finishes for both my boys’ and girls’ teams), our annual hayride, Halloween, leaf raking, leaf raking, and more leaf raking.

Amidst the business of it all, Robby and Andy discovered new “skills”. Robby gave us a quick reminder that he is 3 ½ going on 16 when he started the engine of the car so he could “get it warmed up for us” – oh what a thoughtful child! Similarly, Andy has a new found love for opening and closing drawers and cupboards. I really wasn’t expecting him to crawl inside the drawer, stand up, and attempt to reach his snack on the counter. Amazing? Yes. Terrifying? Yes. And then I had the motherly decision to battle… grab him (the floor is tile) or run and grab the camera? I chose the camera!

Andy’s desire to become independent has exploded. “Andy do it!” is a common expression used as he attempts new challenges. To encourage him, his PT suggested a walker. She hopes that Andy will realize walking will be a quicker form of transportation for him, and once he feels more confident standing and walking, he may do it independently. For now, he stands and cruises everywhere hanging on whenever possible. He is gaining use of it day by day. The best part is that Robby and the other kids view it as a normal part of life. The kids take turns w/ it (just like they did with the little kid walkers – zooming around the house like racecars), but when Andy needs it, they bring it to him. It is truly a beautiful sight to behold – a boy who wasn’t supposed to walk shows us that God made different plans for our “Miracle Child”.


Side Note: Robby’s sleep results came back; he still has obstructed sleep apnea (we were hoping to eliminate this when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed). His oxygen and CO2 levels are off as well. We’ll find out more in Dec. at his next appointment.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Church Babes

"Robbbb-be!"  Clear as day Andy's new love of words can be heard in the quiet church as Saturday night mass is about to begin.   Attempting to "shh" him only brings giggles and louder shrieks of "Robb-be!"   Instead of shrinking in horror, I merely smile and convince myself that is Andy's form of prayer to God.  

Our church, St. Mary's, was built more than 100 years ago.   "Quiet rooms" did not exist back then and today's verbal child can be walked back to the entry area for a moment of "regrouping" before taking another slab at the hour of quiet.  

When Tom & I chose St. Mary's we did so because of its laid back atmosphere and acceptance of everyone.   As an older congregation at the 5o'clock mass, our boys have become 2 of the several "church babies".   The "older" congregation watched our boys grow, payed for their health, laughed at their never-ending energy and ideas, and re-assured us that their children once did the same thing.   It is so nice to hear this when episodes like these happen:  
*  Being a builder, Robby repeatedly emptied (after I refilled) the church pews of the hymnals to build a skyscraper in the pew.   When it began to lean, he looked over and said, "Bring the crane mom.   There's a problem!"
*  In an attempt to quiet / entertain the boys, they are allowed to bring a "silent" toy to church.   Sitting between them, the 9-11 homily focused on "letting go" - "forgive & forget".   Glancing from one to the other a look of horror came over my face.   Robby had pulled out his 12 ft. measuring tape (he'll only play with the real ones now) and extended it out at shoulder level a good 6-8 feet.   Extending across the isle the metal beam hung suspended for a mere second or two, but I envisioned it snagging the elderly couple in this pew behind it.   Striking it down and grabbing it quickly from Robby's hand, he turned to me and stated, "Just let it go, mom.  Let it go."  Clearly he's a smart boy.   Meanwhile, the older couple behind us nearly had a heart-attack from laughing so hard.   The lady was elbowing her husband in the ribs and pointing.  
*  Walking out of church one weekend, Robby discovered the holy water located by the doors.   Showing him how to dip his fingers in and make the sign of the cross wasn't quite enough for him.  I saw the gears moving in his head as pictures of pools and puddles brought an instant smile to his face.  Robby's splash and smile made me truly grateful that a "pool" baptism was not at this church.  

My church babes often leave my tired but content as we walk out the doors and see the glowing smiles and faces of our elderly friends.  We are blessed to have them!