The Mathews

The Mathews

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July - "Bracing" - Let Freedom Ring!

July has led to many new "freedoms" for Andy.   Determined to not be left behind, Andy quickly grasped the concept of climbing stairs.  His legs have proven strong enough to hold his weight.  As Andy began to pull-up to standing, we noticed his right leg was weaker than his left.   His foot often rolls to the side so that he is actually standing on his ankle.   To help him, Andy received his first pair of braces called D-AFO's.   The braces fit into a larger pair of shoes and look similar to high top tennis shoes.   Andy doesn't seem to mind the D-AFO's; they allow him to have more freedom to stand longer.

Andy is now working on "cruising" and beginning to use a toy "walker".   What an awesome sight to see!   Definitely a new freedom for a boy who didn't know if he would have any movement in his legs when he was born.  

Robby, too, has been working on new freedoms - for mom that is!   Potty training is going well and success is in the near future.   Similarly, sleep has increased thanks to the removal of his tonsils and adenoids and the introduction of Melotonin.   Outstanding progress!  Beyond that...he's loving life!   Here's a clip of him singing "I Dig Dirt" - fitting since that is exactly what he is doing!

August brings the 1 year marker of Andy's birth.   It is hard to imagine that he is nearly a year old.   August also brings more appointments:  CT scan, neurology appointment, a swallow study (he's having difficulty eating solids - often resulting in gagging & vomiting), urology appointment, and eye specialist as well.   Here's to another crazy month - let freedom ring!
             Andy 11 mon.                                                                           Robby 2 yrs.