The Mathews

The Mathews

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A "Whole" New Therapy

       Way over my head & a little bit out there would best explain one therapy approach we have chosen to use with Andy even before birth.   Touch Energy (a version of Reiki) uses the approach that our body is constantly building new cells to repair damaged ones (similarly to how a cut on our hand heals itself).   Through the skilled hands (actually, no touch is even used) of his therapist, Andy receives routine treatments to encourage nerve development in his lower extremities, bladder & bowel nourishment, and routine health monitoring.   Amazingly, she ends diarrhea & constipation after a simple phone call.  
          While many may view this all natural, new approach as “out there”, I simply view it as if it helps Andy, I’m all about it!   Touch Energy / Light Energy often cause me to question scientific generalizations and what is “right” for my child.   In fact, many of the negative comments we received such as Andy having a club foot, being unable to move his legs, needing a shunt, etc, have been proven false.   Touch Energy has demanded me to put my faith in the unknown and in something I don’t totally understand.   Andy’s body is viewed as an ever-changing blueprint; through Touch Energy, our Faith in God, and the scientific world, we have a “whole” new view of life.    

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